Frameless Glass Doors



Doors made of glass have a number of advantages:

  • they are safe and convenient to operate;
  • Do not deform and do not grow old;
  • effectively zoning space, maintaining visual ease;
  • fill the room with light, create a comfortable working environment;
  • harmoniously fit into the modern design of reception rooms, call centers, meeting rooms and conference rooms.


For the production of doors, we use tempered glass 1/2 thick and heat-strengthened triplex. We make designs from all kinds of glass: transparent, matte, tinted, color. For offices with a bright interior we suggest ordering doors from Washington Doors and Glass (painted tempered glass).

By design, the doors are divided into frame and frameless. Frameless glass doors maximize space, but are not designed for heavy loads, so they are used to divide rooms. Frame structures are more durable and are suitable for decorating the entrance to the office and other places of intensive use.

By the type of opening, there are 4 kinds of doors:

  • Hammered, requiring enough space for opening;
  • Sliding with roller mechanisms for confined spaces;
  • foldable for wide openings;
  • Pendulum doors swinging in both directions.