Aluminum Door Repair

At Washington doors and Glass you can order the repair of aluminum doors of any manufacturer with different fitting  , as well as modernize the door from aluminum, namely:

  • eliminate the problems of the castle or change it to a new one;
  • adjust or replace the door hardware;
  • eliminate defects (chips, scratches, etc.) of the profile;
  • solve the problem with blowing and drafts (replacement of seals);
  • Add to the construction of the door additional points of clamps, elements (for example, additional transom).

Causes of breakage of aluminum doors

  • poor-quality installation;
  • incorrect operation of the structure;
  • simple wear of the accessories;
  • seizure or breakage of the lock mechanism (relatively inexpensive repair);
  • aging of the sealant.

Features of repair of doors from aluminum 

  • doors, after their breakdown, require the most prompt intervention of a specialist, since they are associated with the greatest traffic and any failure is capable of rapidly scaling,
  • in view of the complexity of the design, it is not recommended to perform self-repair in handicraft conditions;
  • when replacing parts, it is better to use only original accessories and fittings.
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