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There’s no better way to upgrade and upscale the look of your home than by installing new shower doors. The design and installation of the glass for your shower door is one of the most important decisions you will make whether you are building or remodeling your home. Shower doors in Tarzana and Redondo Beach, and Los Angeles area set the style for your bath as well as create a luxurious shower experience for you every day.

Types of shower doors and bath glass that Wash. Doors & Glass provides:

Frame-less Shower Doors             Framed Shower Doors

 Semi Framed Enclosures               Bath Enclosures

 For the traditional home, framed shower doors are an option. Framed shower doors eliminate the need for a shower rod and shower curtain and provide an instant style upgrade. And, glass shower doors don’t risk the mold and mildew problems that shower curtains frequently cause.

 If you enjoy soaking in your tub as part of your relation routine, bathtub glass is the perfect solution. It’s clean, modern and allows unobstructed views of other design elements in the bath.

 For some designs, it’s best to use what’s know in the industry as a semi-frame-less shower enclosure. This means that some elements of your shower enclosure will have frames while others will not. We like that, because it allows our customers to have the best of both worlds: the sleek provided by clear glass with the support as needed to construct your design.

 Frame less shower doors instantly add modern style to your bath. If your dream is to create a spa-like luxury retreat in your home, a frame less shower door is the answer. Imagine panels of high quality glass surrounding you in your beautiful, modern bathroom. Frame less shower doors offer a wide range of design options and can create the look and feel you want.

 Today, bathroom designers frequently take the frame-less shower door concept one step further and create entire shower walls of glass. Shower walls made entirely of glass can open your space and make even a small bathroom feel open and luxurious.

If you have a master bath that is your private retreat, consider using a glass wall to expand your view! And it doesn’t have to stop there – we’ve worked with architects and designers to incorporate glass walls throughout the home

Because of our experience and expertise, we provide shower glass, shower doors, glass tub enclosures and glass walls for Residential/Commercial properties and hotels throughout the DMV area.


 Store Fronts
 Hotels and Resorts
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No matter what your style, you will want to contact Wash. Doors &  Glass to supply the glass! We have experienced installers with the skill and experience you need to get the job done right the first time!